Taking responsibility

Taking Responsibility On my way to work recently I heard three ads for services that sparked a deep concern. They were for services to get your debt slashed significantly – to “pay less than you owe”. Before you get indignant and decide to fire off a steaming email to me about my ‘lack of sensitivity […]

Team Dynamics and the Beast Named ‘Good Intentions’

I’m an optimist. I often say that “Most people don’t get up in the morning with the express purpose of trying to ruin your day.” And I believe that it’s true. So how does it happen that so many times is is easy to feel like that is exactly what is happening – and it’s […]

A killer competency of leadership – listening

Recently I read a post tied to a video called “I am a Boxer”. It was particularly poignant because over the holiday weekend I had been told by two men what a feminist was. Both of these men were over a decade older than I am. And from where I am sitting I believe that […]

Cross-Cultural – Cross-Purposes

Cross-cultural communications is a hot topic for businesses for an interesting reason:  Businesses and the people in them are convinced that if they could just surmount the huge challenges offered in a cross-cultural environment they could make teams and strategies soar. Really? One of the major challenges of your personal and professional leadership is the […]

Boundaries, discretion and lies

Perhaps one of the most important areas of leadership is trust – the trust that we can and will be truthful. Aligned with that is the trust that you will not inflict harm.   Part of that trust is the trust that you will take care to avoid inflicting harm accidentally – either to your […]

Self-control, forgiving, and truly assessing your leadership value

Are you always proud of the way that you’ve handled situations?  I confess, I’m not. And, as we go into a new year, it seemed appropriate to reflect on that simple confession. Every morning I awake with a goal of being a better person than I was.  And every day I disappoint myself a little. […]

Lessons learned about walking my talk

There we were, a bunch of speakers in one room, starting a new program to teach us about the business of the speaking business. And they announce that we will work in teams and will need a team leader.  Before I can stop myself I mutter “Not me – I don’t think I have the […]

Good enough now rather than perfection never

Along every road you travel there will be potholes, possible re-routes, tantalizing temptations to take a tiny little detour – in other words, all manner of distractions that will take you right off of your appointed path. One of the most insidious distractions comes in the virtuous guise of ‘not settling’ or ‘reaching for excellence’. […]

Walking the Talk

There will be times, for some of us at least, when our need to be financially secure will vie for priority with our desire/need to be family/heart-secure. One of those times may well be coming up for me. It got me to thinking. If the heart of leadership can be seen in the consistency between […]

How accountability is a two way street

Can you really teach accountability? Yes. Is this society one that allows and rewards the teaching of accountability? Not in my experience. Ask a manager who has to build a supporting case of documentation worthy of a Supreme Court hearing in order to severely reprimand or terminate an employee for lack of performance. Ask any […]