Taking responsibility

Taking Responsibility On my way to work recently I heard three ads for services that sparked a deep concern. They were for services to get your debt slashed significantly – to “pay less than you owe”. Before you get indignant and decide to fire off a steaming email to me about my ‘lack of sensitivity […]

Boundaries, discretion and lies

Perhaps one of the most important areas of leadership is trust – the trust that we can and will be truthful. Aligned with that is the trust that you will not inflict harm.   Part of that trust is the trust that you will take care to avoid inflicting harm accidentally – either to your […]

Lessons learned about walking my talk

There we were, a bunch of speakers in one room, starting a new program to teach us about the business of the speaking business. And they announce that we will work in teams and will need a team leader.  Before I can stop myself I mutter “Not me – I don’t think I have the […]

How accountability is a two way street

Can you really teach accountability? Yes. Is this society one that allows and rewards the teaching of accountability? Not in my experience. Ask a manager who has to build a supporting case of documentation worthy of a Supreme Court hearing in order to severely reprimand or terminate an employee for lack of performance. Ask any […]

Taking responsibility – being accountable

Recently I saw an editorial by Thomas Friedman reminding people that parents have a role in the raising of children – not just teachers. This was a sad addition to a  the long string of moments that caused me to ask: when do we learn to take accountability? What experiences teach you responsibility? These questions […]