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Kimi inspires…

You want to deliver an experience that will inspire, prompt questions and curiosity, and motivate your audiences to make changes. Changes that will last. Changes that will deliver improved performance – improved results. Your audience will learn tools to make decisions better, not just faster. Your audience will get tools that will increase their emotional intelligence levels. Your audience will find the core of their care – what is often called their passion.

Watch as audiences regain a sense of value in their abilities while also realizing the benefit possibilities of further developing their competencies.

You will hear Kimi respectfully addressing some of the issues in the current environment. At the same time, Kimi encourages people to remember that the first and most powerful processing tool they have ever used is still at their command.

That tool contains your wisdom, your unique ability to apply context and experience for the benefit of the entire organization — and the advancement of their own professional goals.

It is what happens when they combine the powers of their brain – their judgement – their value.

  • Give your audiences an experience that is energizing an uplifting.
  • Provide them with the opportunity to redisover, reclaim and really use the wisdom of their own experience, their own knowledge and their own possibilities.
  • Bring the assets that are already within your organization to full utilization to fully benefit all involved.
  • It can change your organization.
  • It can change your world.

Give your audiences an experience that is energizing and uplifting – giving them the opportunity to rediscover, reclaim and really use the wisdom of their own experience, their own knowledge and their own possibilities. Putting the assets and productivity that are quietly present in your organization – bringing them to full utilization – can change your organization. And it can change their worlds.

When I speak audiences regain a sense of value in their own abilities while also realizing a sense of possibility in the invitation to further develop their abilities. Without denigrating the tools of the current environment I encourage folks to remember that the first and most basic processing tool they ever used is still under their command – their brain, their wisdom, their unique ability to apply the context of their experience to the needs of the current situation. Using a personal style of positive and optimistic strength and approachable humor, speeches are informative, provide an opportunity to re-examine previously held positions, and rediscover capacities that some folks have forgotten they have. If you believe in what this can do for your organization – let me know.

Speaking Topics

The Tyranny of the Urgent – the Cost of Bad Decisions

In this time of great pressure you are being asked, as never before, to do more with less in less time. What can you do to assure that the tyranny of the urgent does not drive your decision making process? What is the impact of letting the urgency of the environment or a particular situation take over? Your contribution will ultimately be measured by the results of your decisions. In this engaging discussion Kimi Hirotsu Ziemski will present practical processes, suggestions and context. Join Kimi in this resistance of the Tyranny of the Urgent.

The Killer Competency Triple Hits – Communications, Conflict Resolution and Negotiations

Your success is more than your technical abilities – even, perhaps even more, when your technical abilities were the catalyst for your current success. This thoughtful and energizing discussion of the value of your existing level of skills in these areas will also provide some concrete suggestions for how to take those skills into a new level of competency.

Why Leadership is NOT an Option

You are wise enough to know that leadership is not a title – and cannot simply be assumed. Organizations that truly benefit from great leadership will foster, encourage and grow leadership capacities in all areas – in all of their people. In this dynamic session, Kimi will help your people see the value of this approach and the importance it has for them at a professional and personal level.

The Impact Statement – Communicating the Value of Your Contribution

You have an elevator speech – or something like – that you can deliver at the drop of a hat. Have you seen concrete benefits as a result of that speech? You know that at any given time you will have vastly different people that you need to talk with. How does a memorized elevator speech help? Kimi’s process driven approach can help you learn about a more effective way of communicating the value of your work, your contribution, and therefore you to the organization.

Dancing with the Disease

Kimi cares...
Kimi cares…

Kimi experienced the pains and struggles of becoming a caretaker – learning to lead the daily dance of life with a new dance partner – Alzheimer’s. Practical, thoughtful, and with moments of profound transparency Kimi offers a focus on basics that you need to understand the role, the requirements, and the support that caretakers need – that you may need. This discussion does not focus on the loved one that has the disease – whether it is Alzheimer’s, dementia, or another crippling condition. It focuses on the caretaker and the importance of the health and well-being of the caretaker. Find more information of interest on the positive care of caretakers at www.dancingwiththedisease.com (opens new tab)

The Killer Competency – How a Soft Skill is the Hard Currency of Technical and Professional Productivity

Your ability to influence and resolve conflicts rests almost solely on your ability to communicate, to relate to and with people. The myth that this is solely an inborn talent, that technical professionals have an innate weakness in this area must be exploded. You can develop a higher level of competency in these skills. Kimi presents a practical and fun process where you can increase your level of professional and technical productivity.

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