Open Enrollment Seminars

Energizing Enterprises is pleased to announce the 1Q2015 schedule for the series designed for professionals with a need for training that is practical and can be applied immediately.

Location Topic Dates
 Chicago  The Perim Group’s PMP Exam Prep Boot Camp  Monday through Thursday 2-5 March 2015 red_registernow
 San Francisco  Presentation Skills for Technical Professionals  March 16, 2015   red_registernow
 San Francisco  Project Stakeholder and Communication Management – Pro-1  March 17, 2015 red_registernow
 San Francisco  Successful Project Management  Wednesday through Friday 18-20 March 2015 red_registernow
 Chicago  Successful Project Management  Monday through Wednesday 23-25 March 2015 red_registernow
 Chicago  Project Risk Management – Pro-1  March 26, 2015 red_registernow
 Chicago  Project Scope Management – Pro-1  March 27, 2015 red_registernow

The Perim Group’s PMP Prep

The Project Management Professional® certification has become the standard baseline for advancing in the workplace. This class provides the knowledge and techniques to prepare for and pass the PMP® Exam.

Presentation Skills for Technical Professionals

If communications is the lifeblood of projects, presentations and briefings to executive and control boards are the pumps that keep that lifeblood flowing.  Learn to manage the natural anxiety of presenting and public speaking.  Develop confidence with a tool that will help you organize your information effectively.  Most importantly – have a live environment to practice safely. Bring a live project to class.  Leave with assurance that you can more effectively defend your project, your team, and your project results.

Project Stakeholder & Communications Management

Stakeholder Management may be the newest knowledge area but professionals like you have always known that the heart of success is in knowing who they are and managing the expectations and communications. Bring a live project to class.  Leave this advanced 1-day stakeholder & communications management class with the assurance that you know who your stakeholders are and what their expectations are based in – and an action plan to fill in any blanks that you uncover.

Success Project Management

Designed by seasoned experienced PMP®s, this 3-day seminar steps through the full life cycle of project management. Targeted for serious project managers who need to handle tough projects, this seminar covers the basics of project management, including requirements writing, work breakdown structures, and planning techniques, then introduces phase/gate reviews, work packages, risks and other advanced topics. Learn to develop strong cross-functional teams, create solid project scope statements, handle changes and scope creep, build and keep your senior management support.

Project Risk Management – Pro-1

Projects by their nature exhibit uncertainty. Understanding and managing project risk is a critical skill required by all project managers. In this advanced 1-day risk management course, you’ll first learn how to identify risks, not only from your core team but also from other key project stakeholders. You’ll then learn how to narrow down the risks to identify your most serious concerns and vulnerabilities. You’ll then discover how to break those risks down, identify and plan risk response strategies to mitigate or even eliminate those risks. Finally, you’ll learn how to identify triggers and flags to signal when risks occur. You’ll also learn how to calculate project contingencies for both time and money, manage reserves and balance risks across your project.

Project Scope Management – Pro-1

One of the key challenges within any project is effectively managing scope of both the product and the project so that you achieve the objectives that drove the projects initiation to begin with. In this advanced 1 day scope management class you will learn and then practice use of practical, effective tools that will establish a strong basis for solid decision making and control of both important areas of scope management.

Pricing and PDUgroup

1 day workshops:   $695 Early bird (45 days prior to class start) 7 PDU’s

$795 Standard

3 day workshops:  $1795 Early bird (45 days prior to class start) 20 PDU’s

$1995 Standard

PMP Boot Camp:  $1995 Early bird (45 days prior to class start) 35 PDU’s

$2495 Standard

Bring a colleague! 10% discount on each registration for small groups (2-5) and 15% discount on each registration for large groups (6+)

SPECIAL PMISFBAC COUPON: $25 off if you sign up using the coupon code SFBAC2015 at registration! (offer expires 1 March 2015)