Customized Training Sessions

Kimi challenges…

This is the basis for the partnerships with each of the members of the Energizing Enterprises team – a profound belief in people and their potential.

By transforming the energy involved in negativity, self-sabotaging behaviors and conflict, into self-awareness and an unquenchable desire for self-mastery, Kimi and her team engage and energize work teams to partner for the organization’s long-term success. The talented facilitators of the Energizing Enterprises team lead workshops in the following focus areas:

Professional Growth and Support

There is nothing as important to your success as your ability to work with, motivate and communicate with the people in your organization and those on your project team. Kimi offers a customized approach, taking into account your concerns, priorities, professional partnerships and current environment. Work on specific situations you are experiencing, while building the overall skill sets you are pursuing.

Projects Leadership

The greatest barrier to performance is the lack of effective communications. Using the powerful tools of DiSC behaviorial analysis and the respected Myers-Briggs Type indicator, Kimi will work with your team to begin to remove the barriers that impede effective communications. We will identify areas of concern, the resources to deal with them, and develop the necessary action plans.

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Project Management

As a PMI Registered Education Provider, Energizing Enterprises facilitates workshops in standard project management methodology and tools based on the Project Management Institute’s Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge. Focusing on a people-centric approach while teaching the standard tools for project management, Kimi trains your team to remove barriers to creativity and productivity to deliver project results.

Training Courses

Technical to People

Kimi trains…

Risk Management Plan it, Succeed at it, Reap the Rewards Risk management is one of the most scalable management skill sets. Your organization, projects and teams can benefit from an approach that takes into consideration the time and complexity constraints. You will leave this course with a greater knowledge of how to apply basic risk management principles in a straight forward and practical manner. Your teams will benefit, your projects will benefit and your organization will benefit from using risk management actively and appropriately.

Project Management for Non-Project Managers Your organization has projects to achieve strategic objectives. Your team needs the support of other parts of the organization and, in some cases, other external stakeholders. This course is designed to give your non-project specific partners a workably clear understanding of the overall project approach and where they fit in the success of the project.

The Fundamentals of Project Management You and your team have been executing and creating and achieving – have you been able to predictably repeat your project successes? Fundamental approaches, consistent with project management principles contained in the PMBOK® Guide, can contribute to repeatable success and common process language for your team and your organization.

Scope Management – Sanity Management Your project scope and product scope have their start in the expectations and requirements of your stakeholders. This stakeholder-centric approach to scope and requirement management will help develop requirements, do a sanity check on requirements that you are given, and manage not just stakeholders but their expectations.

CAPM Exam Prep Boot camp style exam prep for the PMI® CAPM exam. Includes all prep materials and practice tests.

PMP Exam Prep – Pass the test and develop practical knowledge. In this course, you will not only learn what you nee to pass the PMP® exam, you’ll learn how to apply it in a real and practical environment — enforcing your knowledge for the test and improving your ability to manage projects.

Introduction to eXtreme Agile You face market conditions that you cannot control. In the highly challenging environment a robust tool-kit is vital. Add a basic understanding of the eXtreme Agile project management approach and increase your value as a professional.

People to People

Kimi cares...
Kimi cares…

A Killer Competency – Effective Communications You know it’s simple. Effective communications can assure your project success. You also know that being simple is not the same as being easy. This straightforward approach to communications is process based and practical in philosophy.

A Killer Competency – Negotiations: the central Knowledge Area of Your Success We all negotiate. Often you realize that you negotiate more than you think. How you approach this critical competency will be a major factor in your success. Practice using a process based approach that uses both your intellectual and emotional intelligence levels. Learn to leverage. Plan - Practice - Process.

A Killer Competency – Conflict Resolution: Applying Advanced Communications Techniques Are you conflict adverse or confrontation adverse? Viewing the definition of conflict as a difference of interests and positions we can implement sane conflict resolution. It is an approach that is smart, commonsensical approach and mitigates the possibility of nonproductive behavior.

The Impact Statement – How to Communicate the Value of your Performance Has your elevator speech gotten you anywhere? Are the people you are talking with so similar that you can approach them each with the same message? This practical approach crafts a crisp message on the value that you bring to the specific situation – the specific audience.

Public Speaking and Presentation Skills – Because Your Message is Worth Less When Your Audience Doesn’t Care For some people having to do public speaking or professional presentations is the least enjoyable part of their jobs. Slides on a screen become more than visual aids – they become the entire message. Your message loses its power when you cannot connect with your audience. Learn and practice techniques that will give you the power to connect.

Why Leadership is NOT an Option – and Not a Title Your success will not always be just because of your leadership but also because of the way that you bring leadership out in your people. In this session your team and you will develop a clearer and deeper understanding of the value of leadership that is tapped from every point in the team.

Greater Leadership Levels

Kimi leads by example...
Kimi leads by example…

The Tyranny of the Urgent – Preventing Bad Decisions Critical thinking may be the basis for good decisions but it is the tyranny of the urgent that will often be the main driver of our activities. You already use critical thinking techniques. We’ll just put a larger frame around the various tools and techniques that are available for use in your decision making processes.

The Tyranny of the Urgent – Team Based Decision Making Your leadership is more than the day to day decisions. It is also the facilitation of team decision making processes. This session is a way to introduce your team to the use of practical techniques that will allow for productive team decision making.

A Killer Competency – Crafting Commitment from Conflict Your teams will always have experience with conflict. There are several levels of conflict resolution that you will employ. Resolving the conflict is only one stage of satisfactorily dealing productively with conflict. Crafting commitment from that level of conflict resolution delivers the true benefits of leadership and teams.

A Killer Competency – Negotiations: Because Win-Lose Can be Your Loss Negotiations, like any skill, requires practice. Honing these skills can help to assure your successful execution of any project or endeavor. Using these skills in the critical framework of a constructive and supportive negotiation helps to assure the benefits of your leadership.