Cross-Cultural – Cross-Purposes

Cross-cultural communications is a hot topic for businesses for an interesting reason:  Businesses and the people in them are convinced that if they could just surmount the huge challenges offered in a cross-cultural environment they could make teams and strategies soar. Really? One of the major challenges of your personal and professional leadership is the […]

Boundaries, discretion and lies

Perhaps one of the most important areas of leadership is trust – the trust that we can and will be truthful. Aligned with that is the trust that you will not inflict harm.   Part of that trust is the trust that you will take care to avoid inflicting harm accidentally – either to your […]

When your leadership is in what you don’t do

What you don’t do. It can be odd to think of your leadership style, your communications style or professional identity in terms of what you don’t do.   Think, for a moment, about what is involved in what you don’t do. The morality that is the foundation of the ethics that come in to play […]

Self-control, forgiving, and truly assessing your leadership value

Are you always proud of the way that you’ve handled situations?  I confess, I’m not. And, as we go into a new year, it seemed appropriate to reflect on that simple confession. Every morning I awake with a goal of being a better person than I was.  And every day I disappoint myself a little. […]

Cameraman or First Responders?

It has been a long time and my person struggle with some of my leadership dilemmas have been my focus. Right now, however, I cannot let a recent incident go. A young father, a soldier, lost his life on a street in south London while people were in the vicinity.  After viciously stealing the life […]

Lessons learned about walking my talk

There we were, a bunch of speakers in one room, starting a new program to teach us about the business of the speaking business. And they announce that we will work in teams and will need a team leader.  Before I can stop myself I mutter “Not me – I don’t think I have the […]

2013 – and cliffs that have nothing to do with the government

Independence is something many people dearly treasure.  I am one of them. Despite that, I am about to embark on a business partnership with someone who, while I trust and respect him, has had just as rocky a track record in business as anybody might.  The cliff I stand on may lead to the most […]

Opportunities to disappoint and to learn

This afternoon, thinking that a new post was long overdue, I fell into the trap of letting myself get drawn into someone else’s sheer strength of belief in their own right to be small minded and unkind. And found the second half of my topic today. But let’s start with the first half. You see, […]