On Message and On Time

Recently a Wall Street Journal article (The Short Answer) on presidential candidate Marco Rubio had an closing line that struck me as the sound-bite for project managers. After focusing much of the video article on whether or not Rubio would rise to the bait and comment on Trump or any of Trump’s comments the commentator […]

Taking responsibility

Taking Responsibility On my way to work recently I heard three ads for services that sparked a deep concern. They were for services to get your debt slashed significantly – to “pay less than you owe”. Before you get indignant and decide to fire off a steaming email to me about my ‘lack of sensitivity […]

Team Dynamics and the Beast Named ‘Good Intentions’

I’m an optimist. I often say that “Most people don’t get up in the morning with the express purpose of trying to ruin your day.” And I believe that it’s true. So how does it happen that so many times is is easy to feel like that is exactly what is happening – and it’s […]

A killer competency of leadership – listening

Recently I read a post tied to a video called “I am a Boxer”. It was particularly poignant because over the holiday weekend I had been told by two men what a feminist was. Both of these men were over a decade older than I am. And from where I am sitting I believe that […]

The Sanctioned Pilot: Implementing organizational improvements through change management

NOTE: in 2015 I will be focusing on more practical applications of leadership – regardless of hierarchical level – true leadership in action. As a start of that focus I welcome your comments on The Sanctioned Pilot. Those of you who have attempted to implement change management in your organization can understand how challenging and […]


In today’s environment we hear a great deal about ways to get things done quicker, tools that can short cut. In all of that the noise you might miss the importance of an old-fashioned, disciplined, long-term value. It is a practice that gets little press and yet remains the foundation of so much personal and […]

The Strength to Let Go

Perhaps one of the greatest challenges of leadership is to know when to let go. Let your team run – without your tugging on them with questions, queries or oversight on a minute basis (no, I don’t mean that thing that when multiplied by 60 equals an hour! – I mean that definition that talks […]