speaker on project management
Kimi Hirotsu Ziemski

Energizing Enterprises is a global consulting and training company providing world-class, custom-designed and integrated solutions for accelerating organizational learning, innovation and overall productivity. We have earned an international reputation for tangible and measurable results through project leadership, project management, and professional growth and support.

Whether facilitating a customized workshop, giving an inspiring keynote talk or designing personalized ongoing coaching programs for your teams, Energizing Enterprises is committed to helping you remove the barriers to creativity and productivity. By transforming the energy involved in negativity, self-sabotaging behaviors and conflict, into self-awareness and an unquenchable desire for self-mastery, we engage and energize work teams to partner for your long-term success.

How You Benefit:

  • Recruit, nurture, and retain top talent
  • Recapture 10 – 25% of wasted time and lost productivity
  • Eliminate unproductive employee behaviors and work team conflicts
  • Foster innovation and collaboration
  • Maintain your competitive edge

Trust the Wisdom of Experience

Kimi Hirotsu Ziemski, leadership mentor and work team productivity specialist since 2000, brings decades of international corporate training, speaking and coaching experience to her clients. Consistently receiving rave reviews for her popular workshops and dynamic keynote speeches, Kimi is passionate about competency-based, strongly executed leadership and is an expert in redirecting the untapped potential that is wasted in unproductive conflict.

Before starting Energizing Enterprises, Kimi earned a BS in IT Management and had very successful careers working for Fortune 500 companies in both telecommunications and project management. She is the author of When Opposites Collide, Leadership Beyond Gender.


Michael Bender
Michael B. Bender

Michael B. Bender, specializing in strategy and portfolio management, has participated in and led teams in efforts as diverse as air traffic control and the Hubble space telescope.  Disproving the theory that engineers are dry and pedantic, Michael’s workshops are engaging and highly interactive – even fun.

His passion for the potential of each individual to create change and better their worlds by using straightforward tools has won him rave reviews and repeated invitations to return to companies that value the changes his work helps their people execute.

As president of Ally Business Developers, Michael is a valuable part of the Energizing Enterprises team.  He is the author of several books on project management – most recently “Project Risk Management – Simplified!”.


bob fuller
Robert (Bob) Fuller

Robert (Bob) Fuller has been working with executive and organizational development teams in change management and productivity enhancement for decades.  Focusing on the balance between organizational and individual benefits, Bob has brought his own high level of expertise to presentations, coaching both teams and individuals, and workshops. His work, in such diverse industries as construction, health care, and alternative energy, has been key to the transformations sought by senior management.

Bob’s ability to demonstrate that the value of the individual within organizations is one of the key ways that the organization can receive manifest improvements in productivity and team dynamics has assured a steady involvement in organizations across the nation. His ability to apply a humanistic philosophical approach to practical matters with results that align with your organization’s values and strategies will be invaluable.


Using multiple assessment instruments, his own strong experience and academic background, Bob reinforces your organization’s strategic objectives by strengthening the positive impact of changes on your teams.  Bob’s engaging attitude combined with the rigor and passion of his belief that change is possible and productive within the people at the heart of that change will accelerate your organization’s progress towards your goals.