The Sanctioned Pilot: Implementing organizational improvements through change management

NOTE: in 2015 I will be focusing on more practical applications of leadership – regardless of hierarchical level – true leadership in action. As a start of that focus I welcome your comments on The Sanctioned Pilot.

Those of you who have attempted to implement change management in your organization can understand how challenging and noteworthy this event can be. While everyone agrees that change management would be a good thing to implement, very often what they really mean is “It would be a good thing for you to implement.” And therein lies the paradox. Everyone wants to be able to identify where the variances in schedule and budget came from – how did we end up so differently from our original estimates? But the idea of filling out yet another form, following one more procedure, begins to immediately wear down enthusiasm.

One method to win people over is to run a sanctioned pilot program. A client of mine recently concluded a successful pilot of a simple change management process.
This client enrolled his boss – thereby gaining not only an important ally but an additional advocate – and quietly documented, at a very basic level, each of the changes that were suggested, implemented, and discarded on a small 6 month project. At the end of the project when they held their after-action review (another relatively un-tried practice), he was able to account for each of the major differences between original plan and actual performance as well as provide several suggestions for the next product iteration.

It took only 16 hours of his time, accounted for a variance of $23,780 in budget and time and validated a basic level of change management control.

What can you introduce your organization to that will generate that kind of benefit?

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