Who is your most memorable anti-leader?

Each of us has experienced being part of an organization or team that is being led by someone we are loath to follow. In fact, this individual is generally someone we follow of necessity but not with our hearts or minds or commitment.

That is not the kind of leader that most of us want to be.

Sometimes one of the best ways to craft the target of leadership that you want to aim for is to take stock of the types of leaders that you want to avoid emulating.

Who is your strongest example of anti-leadership?

And what are you going to do – today – to keep from being that kind of leader?

At the beginning of each new year many of us will make promises to ourselves about what we will change in the coming year.

What step can you take today that will keep you on the path towards becoming the kind of leader that makes not breaks teams and organization commitment?


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    For me, (and without naming names), I find too many “leaders” with no management skills. They may have a great vision, they may be wonderful orators, and they may generate enthusiasm, but they lack the management skills needed to get a team from point A to point B.

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