Kimi provides: better personal leadership, communications, progression, success, and fulfillment.

“It’s easy to find workshop and seminar leaders who know their stuff. It’s easy to find workshop leaders who are smart and funny. It’s easy to find a charismatic individual to fill your head with information. BUT… it’s very had to find all of those individuals wrapped into one that actual provides more than anticipated.

What sets Kimi apart is that she engages her participants in a way that further develops their own smarts, by connecting them to the content using gentle humor and relevant anecdotes that illustrate success in survival in even the most difficult situations.

I left with a sense of what I could, and actually have, accomplished with the tools and suggestions harvested from the activities and interactions that are a hallmark of her facilitation style.

Kimi is absolutely fantastic in providing thoughtful programs to better personal leadership, communications, progression, success, and fulfillment.”

Peter vR Sternkopf, PMP

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