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Your latent leadership capacity. Your great technical expertise. Now add the facilitation, coaching and mentorship based on decades of achievement in project management and account management. This is how your unleashed and increased capabilities can energize your entire organization.

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Your teams and all of the technical expertise has provided your organization with great results. How much more could you accomplish when the power of the leadership of you and your team is intensified and refined? Learn more…

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You have the tools and capacity for great leadership – for great results. You already know that this is something that will develop with effort and time. It is not a situation where quick fixes alone will generate lasting results. Learn more…


  • Persistent or stubborn?

    There is a time when, despite the fact that so much of what you hear tells you to stop, you go on. You become convinced that people are concerned that you have lost it….what ever ‘it’ was. Sanity? Perspective? A firm grip on reality?

  • On Message and On Time

    Recently a Wall Street Journal article (The Short Answer) on presidential candidate Marco Rubio had an closing line that struck me as the sound-bite for project managers.

    After focusing much of the video article on whether or not Rubio would rise to the bait and comment on Trump or any

  • Taking responsibility

    Taking Responsibility

    On my way to work recently I heard three ads for services that sparked a deep concern.

    They were for services to get your debt slashed significantly – to “pay less than you owe”.

    Before you get indignant and decide to fire off a steaming email to

  • Team Dynamics and the Beast Named ‘Good Intentions’

    I’m an optimist. I often say that “Most people don’t get up in the morning with the express purpose of trying to ruin your day.”

    And I believe that it’s true.

    So how does it happen that so many times is is easy to feel like that is exactly

  • The Sanctioned Pilot: Implementing organizational improvements through change management

    NOTE: in 2015 I will be focusing on more practical applications of leadership – regardless of hierarchical level – true leadership in action. As a start of that focus I welcome your comments on The Sanctioned Pilot.

    Those of you who have attempted to implement change management in your

  • Who is your most memorable anti-leader?

    Each of us has experienced being part of an organization or team that is being led by someone we are loath to follow. In fact, this individual is generally someone we follow of necessity but not with our hearts or minds or commitment.

    That is not the kind of